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2 Things To Know After a Car Wreck

2 Things To Know After a Car Wreck

Did you get seriously hurt in an accident? Learn these 2 things to know after a car wreck, then contact us to ensure maximum compensation. 1) Choosing a Car Accident Attorney There are four things that you should ask any lawyer that you’re considering hiring. First, is whether or not they are a personal injury […]

GM Recalling Nearly 290K U.S. Cars for Airbag Defect. Suffered a Serious Injury? Talk to One of Our Product Recall Attorneys.

  A product recall refers to a company’s request that consumers return a product after defects or safety issues are discovered. Usually, companies issue product recalls to protect consumers, limit liability for negligence, and limit the ruining of corporate image. While recalls are very costly, it can be more costly for a company to deal […]

Advocacy Groups Send Letter to the National Highway Traffic Administration Urging Them to Reconsider Robot Cars

Product liability attorneys know that robot cars are a popular topic to talk about these days, especially as the companies working on them promise they’ll soon be made available on a large scale. As they continue on with their plans, some are raising questions about what exactly it will mean to have these cars on […]

What You Should Know About the Safety and Risks of Autonomous Vehicles, Tips from Auto Accident Attorney in McAllen

The Auto Accident Attorney has worked with the details of nearly every type of car model and driver technique — not to mention every shade of accident there is. The team here also continues to keep up with the new technology advances of the day. As Google, Tesla and Apple all struggle to get everything […]

Defective vehicle parts may be cause of ‘Star Trek’ star’s tragic death; vehicle was part of massive recall over false park issue

Anton Yelchin, best known for playing Ensign Pavel Chekov in the recently rebooted Star Trek movie franchise, died in mid June in a tragic accident. Yelchin, 27, was apparently pinned by his Chrysler-made Jeep Cherokee in the driveway of his California home. Yet with defective products such as the false park issue in Yelchin’s car, […]

Three Girls Killed In Car Accident Near Robstown Texas

One of the more tragic, but possibly preventable, recent accidents in Texas took place in late March near Corpus Christi. A group of friends from the Houston area were returning from a spring break trip to South Padre Island, heading north on Highway 77. On Sunday afternoon, the driver apparently lost control of her Hyundai […]

McAllen Car Accident Attorney Warns About Teenage Drivers At Risk

    A matter that affects drivers of all ages, teenage drivers are often considered a hazard to roadways. In conjunction with their obvious lack of experience, there is also the issue of the overuse of technology, especially while operating a motor vehicle. Indeed, from smartphones to GPS navigation systems to overly loud music and […]

Fatal Accident Could have been be Prevented with Positive Train Control

  Believe it or not, the rail industry has actually gone backwards in the past few decades when it came to safety technology. Due to this regression, many fatal accidents and injuries have occurred over the years that could have been prevented if railroads had better safety technology. This technology isn’t out of reach and […]

Texas Oil Field Accidents Accounted for Half of U.S. Oil & Gas Workplace Injuries Last Year

Oil production is critical to the United States and global economies. Unfortunately such a high-risk industry is subject to vulnerability at any given time. Workers can be subjected to an oil field accident due to the volatile gasses and inflammable fossil fuels. A slight mistake can result in a tragic oil field accident. Therefore, it […]

Your car may be recalled: faulty airbags manufactured by Takata

Over 30 million vehicles sold in the United States and around the world, and manufactured by no fewer than 12 different automobile manufacturers, have been recalled. This has been done in order to replace faulty frontal airbags installed on the driver side, the passenger side, and in some models- on both sides. The malfunctioning airbags, […]