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Being attacked by a dog can result in serious injuries. The experienced McAllen dog bite lawyers at the Law Firm of Ricardo A. Garcia will fight the insurance companies to earn you the maximum compensation available by law.

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Dogs are great companions when they are owned by the right person, have been trained, and are docile. Unfortunately, there are some animals that are aggressive and they can end up causing people serious harm. If you are injured because of a viscous dog you are eligible for compensation. Our McAllen dog bite lawyers will be there to help you step by step develop a strong case and get a full and fair compensation award.

Texas Dog Bite Statutes of Limitation

Starting from the date of your dog bite, you will have two years to bring your claim in civil court. This is a hard deadline and once it has passed, you would be barred from receiving compensation. We do not suggest waiting any time at all to contact an attorney about your dog bite case. Waiting will only make it harder for your attorney to build a strong case for you and it will put them under a tighter time constraint. The best thing to do is contact an attorney right away.

How Dog Bite Compensation Works

In Texas, there are shared fault rules that affect the way you can collect your compensation award. Your compensation award is comprised of your injuries and damages such as pain and suffering, past and future medical bills, and past and future lost wages. Generally speaking, the more seriously injured you are, the more compensation you will be given.

The amount of compensation that you are able to receive has to do with the amount of fault you have for your accident. The insurance companies will decide how much fault you share in your dog bite case ,and we will do everything we can to protect your right to full and fair compensation. If you were to be found more than 50 percent at fault for the dog bite, then you would be completely barred from receiving compensation. If you are 50 or less at fault for the dog bite, then you would have a reduced award. For example, if you are 10 percent at fault and have been awarded $10,000 for your injuries and damages, then you would be able to collect $9,000 of that award. You might be found partially responsible for the dog bite if you antagonized the dog or were trespassing on the property.

How do I know if I have a qualified dog bite case?

You may be wondering how to know whether you have a dog bite case. The answer may be as simple as whether the dog that bit you has an owner, and it’s not a stray that’s running the streets. Next, you determine whether that person has homeowners’ insurance to cover the dog bite. Then, you look at the propensity of that dog to have done this in the past. You may have heard of “one free bite,” which refers to the dog’s history of biting. If as far as you know, you are the first person the dog has ever bitten, you might not have a case. If the dog has bitten before it bit you, you’re going to have a case.

How does a beware of dog sign affect my claim?

City and state ordinances dictate where “Beware of Dog” signs must be placed on the premises to put visitors on notice to be aware of the dog. If these signs are not properly located, you likely have a claim. Hiring an experienced dog bite lawyer helps your chances of recovering maximum compensation in many ways. One of them is by ensuring a thorough investigation is conducted. Your lawyer will know how to identify all at-fault parties and find evidence to support your claim.

How much is my dog bite claim worth?

The worth of a dog bite claim is determined by looking at the severity of the bite, how much medical care you required, and if you’re going to need medical care in the future. We also look at whether the bite has disfigured you in any how that will impact you in the future. The answer to this question must usually be determined over time as healing progresses. This will also provide information as to the impact of your injuries on any future earning capacity. This will be included along with income already lost due to missed work. A major benefit of retaining an experienced personal injury lawyer is their accurate assessment of your damages. They will address all the potential factors for which you deserve compensation and fight for what you deserve.

How long will my dog bite claim take?

The timeline of your dog bite claim will depend on a couple of things. One is the injuries you’ve sustained, as their severity will dictate how long it will take to heal. You will need to reach your maximum ability to recover (called maximum medical improvement) for damages to be assessed. Once you know your damages, a demand letter can be sent to the insurance company.
From this point onward your claim’s timeline will depend on how willing the insurance company is to offer a fair settlement for those damages. If they refuse to settle, you’ll need to enter into litigation to collect compensation. When that happens, your timeline will shift to the availability of the courts, extending the length of time required to resolve your claim.

First Steps for a Successful Dog Bite Case

To have a successful dog bite case, the best thing you can do is immediately seek medical attention in the case that you may have been bitten by a dog with rabies, there was tendon or nerve damage, or any other underlying Then there may scarring and disfigurement. Having your injuries tended is important to get yourself on the right track to getting better. Once you have started your treatment, and we know where it will be heading, we can better gage how much your case should be worth. Second most important step is to collect evidence from the scene. Take photos of the dog, your injuries, and the premises. Get the name and contact information from the handler of the dog, then call the police to come on the scene and get a record of the incident. They might have animal control come on the scene to get the papers for the dog which would include it’s vaccination records. Having all of that information will make for a stronger case. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, you should call an attorney as soon as possible. They will be able to fill in any missing gaps for your evidence and be able to take on the insurance company for you.

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