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Auto Recalls

Regarding factors contributing to the 30,000 road-related deaths occurring annually, there are few things that are as vital to the safety and overall functionality of one’s vehicle as an auto recall. Given that traffic accidents are the 1 killer in people under age 34, it is clear that the issue of traffic accidents, as well as the way in which an auto recall can affect this issue is something that must be properly addressed.

In 1966, the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act gave the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the authority to both issue safety standards in regards to motor vehicles, but more importantly, they were also given the power to hold companies accountable. Since then, more than 390 million vehicles of all kinds have been recalled due to some sort of violation of said safety standards. While one could argue that these recalls have made the roads that much safer, others are concerned with the frequency of the recalls and feels it gives companies too much wiggle room in terms of accountability.

First and foremost, if your vehicle has a recall, you should schedule an appointment with your local dealership and get the problem handled as soon as possible. However, if you feel you have experienced an accident or have other concerns in relation to the recall, you should consult with a qualified attorney you can trust.

Auto Part Recalls

There are several ways that an auto part recall is discovered and reported. If the manufacturer finds a defect, they may self-regulate and issue a recall to all customers. More often, consumers or dealerships find the problem, reporting it to the government who will then order a recall. In all three cases, if the defect is found to be serious, the auto parts recall is issued. With government regulators in place, routine checks are done on vehicles to ensure manufacturers are making every attempt to produce safe equipment. As consumers, people must remain up to date on their vehicles and the safety of their equipment. Do not ignore notices on recalls.

The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act allows the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration allows for the issuing of vehicle safety standards and require manufacturers to recall vehicles and auto parts that have defects or do not meet Federal safety standards. Some auto parts recalls are issued voluntarily by the manufacturer, however, more often the NHTSA investigates consumer and dealership complaints and issues their ruling on a recall.

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