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With the vast array of children’s toys and products on the market, finding the right toys that are safe and also engage and entertain your child can be a bit of a challenge. From high-chairs to teething rings, and everything in between, your infants and small children may not be as safe as you might have believed. Just like any other product liability claims, children’s product claims can also be made against manufactures, distributes and retailers. Toys and other children equipment such cribs, baby food, and stroller. These claims can result in compensation for serious injuries, illness or in some case can be fatal.

Products with the Highest Risk

Although many products can pose a risk to your infant or toddler, some of the main defective child products are the following:
  • Car seats/ Strollers
  • Flammable Clothing
  • Toys with Small Parts and Sharp Edges
  • Baby Beds and Cribs
  • Defective Fasteners on Children’s Medications

Defective Strollers

One of the most often used apparatuses by parents from all walks of life, strollers help make most parent’s lives much easier. However, are you aware of the fact that some strollers are innately effective? Things such as an ill-positioned switch could cause an array of issues while operating a stroller. Therefore, be mindful in terms of checking reviews and performing your due diligence before purchasing one.

Defective Child Car Seat

One of the most vital pieces of equipment for every parent, most states will not even allow you to leave the hospital with your newborn without a fully functioning car seat. Made to keep children safe, car seats reduce the risk of injury in infants by 71% and 51% for toddlers. Small children can be completely ejected from the vehicle in the unfortunate event of an accident, therefore, ensuring you have a safe car seat is imperative.

Defective Toys

Products such a children’s toys have the propensity to cause everlasting damages to your child. From choking hazards to things that can cause blindness, giving a child the wrong toy for their age group could literally mean the difference between life and death. Be sure to always check the recommended age range on the product and to never leave kids alone playing for too long.

Defective Bean Bag Chairs

Known for causing issues such as suffocation and choking, bean bag chairs are fun for older people, but can be a nightmare for a small child. Filled with “beans” that are 3-9 mm in diameter, children can easily choke if left alone with such a product. Although they are now under strict quality regulation, there were numerous deaths and serious injuries prior to the changes being made in 1996.Overall, if you’re a victim of defective products, your next move should be finding an attorney you can trust. Contact our McAllen defective child product attorneys today to arrange a free consultation.