Auto Accident: What to Do When You Are In an Auto Accident

Auto Accidents are stressful and taxing. Two common questions people ask after they have been involved in an auto accident are “why did this happen?” and “what do I do next?” The answers can be found by working closely with your Personal Injury Accident Attorney. The “why” question can have a variety of answers, but if the ultimate answer points to negligent behavior, the victims or their survivors are allowed to pursue fair compensation for their accident related damage claims, including a wrongful death. The other question is reasonably simple to answer, but again the best source for answers about what to do after an auto accident is your attorney.

What to Do When You Are Involved In an Auto Accident

Over ten million people were involved in auto accidents in the United States during 2009, with thousands of fatalities also resulting from those collision injures. With high numbers like this, it is likely that every driver will be involved in an auto accident at some time. It is important to know what to do when you are involved in an auto accident. Two things are at the top of this list, the first is to get any medical attention needed immediately, and the second is to only speak about the auto accident details with your doctor and your Personal Injury Attorney.

If you do not already know an attorney, look for one who has extensive experience with Personal Injury Accident cases and a strong record of wins for their clients. Most will freely disclose this information to you in a phone call. Fees for Personal Injury cases often are charged on a contingency basis; the attorney is willing to wait for payment until your case is won and you receive your award payment.

How a Personal Injury Accident Attorney Can Help

When you work with an experienced attorney, you have the best opportunity to get larger awards or settlements, faster payments and a smoother experience if litigation is required. Your attorney has access to other information, such as class action lawsuits over defective equipment or parts that may be applicable in your case. Your attorney does the hard work for you, so you can relax and recover from your injuries or losses. If there was a wrongful death resulting from an accident, they work with survivors for those claims as well.

Important Things to Remember

Here is a general list of auto accident responses to remember:

  1. Do not leave the scene
  2. Get medical emergency help for injured persons; call 911 and/or the Police
  3. Set up warning flags, flares or signals
  4. Take photos and get witness information; exchange insurance information with the other driver(s)
  5. Do not admit fault or make statements about the accident; that might jeopardize your case
  6. Make an accurate report to Police; do not guess at answers, it is okay to say you do not know
  7. Call your attorney to discuss the accident
  8. Get a copies of the final Police accident report and medical records
  9. Report accident to your insurance company, then get and submit repair estimates
  10. Do not discuss the accident with insurance agents or accept their settlement offers

Future Care Costs & Income Losses

Keep all records in one place so you can find them when needed. Medical problems may not appear until later on, because pain often is delayed. Your Personal Injury has experts available who understand medical issues that might arise in the future after an auto accident. They will calculate potential medical care cost estimates and related work losses due to temporary or permanent disability.

Examining the “Why” of an Auto Accident

There can be multiple explanations of why an accident happens. Many auto accidents are due to negligent behavior. Excessive speed, inattention to driving, or mistakes at high speeds can quickly escalate into a roll-over or flip accident. When someone is not paying attention to the road ahead, those fractions of a second can result in a tragic accident. Road conditions cause accidents when hazardous areas are not marked property or potholes and other obstacles are left unrepaired. Loose debris can be thrown up by a vehicle ahead and cause instant windshield damage.

Other reasons why auto accidents happen:

  1. Poor vehicle maintenance
  2. Defective parts or equipment failure – poor design, manufacturing or installation
  3. Distracted driving – texting, cell phone use, talking with others in the vehicle
  4. Structural defects – roof collapse, tire blowouts, brake failures
  5. Substance abuse – DWI, DUI, Drug use

To those reasons, add drivers who are visually impaired, slow to react or unfamiliar with the road area, and you have a bundle of reasons why accidents happen. Your attorney will investigate all accident reports, evidence and other information to determine why an auto accident happened. They have experts who can reconstruct the event and make educated opinions to use in litigation.

The main concern for everyone is safety and recovery; no one deserves to be harmed by the negligent behavior of someone else. When this happens, your Personal Injury Attorney will help you get the best results possible from your claims: fair compensation and justice.

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