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Cadillac CTS Owners, Are You Aware Of GM’s Latest Auto Part Recalls?

Cadillac is a brand known for its superior quality. Unfortunately, even luxury cars are not entirely immune to auto recalls. If you own a Cadillac CTS, be sure to read on to learn more about the latest auto part recalls on this vehicle from the manufacturer, General Motors. Cadillac Recalls on the Cadillac CTS In […]

Did GM Hide Behind Bankruptcy to Save $10 Billion in Loss Claims from Faulty Ignition Suits

In mid-April, 2015, the federal judge overseeing General Motor’s bankruptcy upheld the shield of bankruptcy to protect G.M from $7-$10 Billion dollars worth of lawsuits. The potential lawsuits involved faulty ignition switches that may have resulted in 84 deaths. The move not only saves G.M from paying out massive awards, but also hands the auto […]