Speaking to Insurance After a Burn Injury

In this video, our experienced Texas attorney explains why speaking to insurance after a burn injury is a bad idea. Call our office today.

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Should I speak with insurance companies after a burn injury?


Speaking to Insurance After a Burn InjuryThe other day we had a client come in whose family member had been severely injured in a fire incident. They wanted to know, “Do I talk to the insurance companies who are calling us? Are they going to help us?” Our answer to them is no. Insurance companies are not typically there to help you. In fact, they are only looking to help themselves. If you make any type of statement to them, it will be recorded and used against you later on in the future, which can be harmful and damaging to your claim. What we suggest that you do is contact an attorney right away to seek legal advice. It’s best if you select someone who specializes in personal injury. Tell the insurance companies to contact your attorney directly. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us. We’re here to help.

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