Common Mistakes After a Car Accident

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What mistakes should I avoid after a car accident?


Some of the common mistakes people make when they’ve been involved in a car accident is that they don’t call the police. This is very important in order to have documentation of your accident and have a record on file which we can use later. Common Mistakes After a Car Accident Another mistake that we commonly see is that people don’t seek legal advice from attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases or who are experienced in trial. The more experienced attorney that you have in trial, the better that your claim will be pushed. Insurance companies typically know the reputations of trial lawyers. They’ll come to the table with better offers and better suggestions, knowing that there is a risk that you will go to trial. Another mistake we typically see is that people who are injured don’t seek medical attention right away, which can be really damaging to your claim. It’s important that you go to the doctor and get your injuries treated.

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