Attorney Romeo Rendon III

Romeo Rendon III

Romeo Rendon III is homegrown talent at the Law Firm of Garcia and Ochoa, honing his skills at the firm first as an undergraduate intern, and later as a clerk before becoming an attorney.

Rendon graduated from the University of Texas-Pan American with a major in history and a minor in philosophy, choosing to attend St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio. During summers and other breaks from school, he would always return to work at Garcia and Ochoa, drawn by the sense of family and teamwork at the firm. Today, he proudly displays his license on the wall of the office where he grew and gained experience as both an individual and an attorney.

Driven and eager in all facets of law, Rendon enjoys digging into the data, research, and details of situations to help build a case and advocate for his clients.

Before he passed the bar, he assisted the Garcia and Ochoa team on a product liability case. Through his research, Rendon was able to uncover details on the company in question, bringing to light their shady business practices. Taking initiative, Rendon created a detailed timeline and wrote a carefully documented report, the submission of which led to the company settling the case for maximum limits. Rendon’s experience on this case resonated with him and affirmed that he was where he needed to be — serving people and holding responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Rendon remains sensitive to the fact that civil litigation cases are centered around individuals who have experienced traumatic life events. Because of this, he focuses on being an active and sympathetic listener. Rendon devotes himself to being a resource and a shoulder to lean on for his clients, ensuring that they can reach him whenever they need to talk. Each person behind the cases he works on receives his utmost respect and effort in helping them get the justice they deserve.


St. Mary’s School of Law
University of Texas Pan American

Membership & Honors :

  • Hidalgo County Bar Association
  • Hidalgo County Young Lawyers Association
  • Texas Rio Grande LegalAid