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Top 15 Most Problematic Cars On the Road Today

Top 15 Most Problematic Cars On the Road Today

When you step inside your vehicle, you are counting on that vehicle is functioning exactly as intended in order to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case, depending on the exact vehicle that you are driving. Below, we’ll take a look at the top 15 […]

How Ford Is Failing To Protect Consumers! & How You Can Protect Yourself In A Defective Vehicle Part Case!

As one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world, it is crucial that auto safety be one of Ford’s most important priorities. In an ideal world, protecting consumers from the risks posed by defective vehicle parts should be Ford’s primary goal. However, according to the Center for Auto Safety, this is a goal that […]

There Are Deadly Product Recalls Out on Some Treestands

Deadly treestands have been one of the most overlooked product recalls of the past few years. As companies try to cover their defected products with PR, innocent hunters find themselves in life-threatening situations through no fault of their own. Look at the recalls mentioned below – if you have been affected by any of these […]

A Product Liability Case: Ski Boating Accident and What You Should Be Aware Of?

  During the warm weather, many people like to try and enjoy the open water. For some, this means going to the beach or pool for a swim. For others, they may enjoy taking a boat or jet ski out to go tubing or water skiing. When people do decide to climb into a boat […]

Child Restraint Systems Failure: Defective Booster Seats Cause Serious Injuries to Children, What should parents know?

When parents place their child in a car, their number one priority is the safety of their child. This is why many parents invest in cars with extra airbags, high crash-test safety ratings, car seats, booster seats, and a variety of other restraint systems. They expect these investments to increase the safety of their child; […]

A Massive Recall Issued By FDA Over A Defective Medical Device Safety: Dexcom Diabetes Monitoring System

Despite the advances in the field of modern medicine, certain healthcare problems continue to represent major medical concerns for millions of patients everywhere. Among these major problems is diabetes. For those who might be unaware, diabetes has two separate types; however, both of these problems have to do with the failure of the body to […]

Defective Products from Takata Airbags Leads to Historic Recall: What Should Consumers Know About Their Rights?

Since cars first hit the road, the priority of every automotive company has been safety. Cars on the road today are almost unrecognizable from the ones that were on the road a century ago and one of the most important developments has been airbags. These airbags have undergone a significant amount of change since they […]

Product Liability Lawsuits & What You Should Know About Them

Products aren’t always put on the open market being completely safe to use. You may be able to get compensatory damages for your injuries with a product liability lawsuit. Before making a claim, you should be aware of what product liability law entails and the different types of product liability suits. What is Product Liability? […]