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American Right to Have a Trial by Jury is Vanishing, Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected

A disturbing trend has emerged in the American criminal justice system—the diminishing of a trial by jury. According to a recent 2016 report from “The New York Times,” thirty years ago in New York there was an average of 4,000 jury verdicts in felony trials. In 2015, that figure was less than 2,000. The reason […]

Another Airbag Maker is Under Scrutiny After Fatal Rupture, What Can a Product Liability Attorney Do For You?

Auto safety regulators are investigating another deadly airbag situation that could impact up to 8 million vehicles. Anyone involved in an airbag related incident is encouraged to contact a product liability attorney. National Highway Safety Traffic Administration and Transport Canada are looking into the possibility of an expanded airbag recall after a fatality in July. […]

Advocacy Groups Send Letter to the National Highway Traffic Administration Urging Them to Reconsider Robot Cars

Product liability attorneys know that robot cars are a popular topic to talk about these days, especially as the companies working on them promise they’ll soon be made available on a large scale. As they continue on with their plans, some are raising questions about what exactly it will mean to have these cars on […]

What You Should Know About the Safety and Risks of Autonomous Vehicles, Tips from Auto Accident Attorney in McAllen

The Auto Accident Attorney has worked with the details of nearly every type of car model and driver technique — not to mention every shade of accident there is. The team here also continues to keep up with the new technology advances of the day. As Google, Tesla and Apple all struggle to get everything […]

What the Litigation Attorneys Want You to Know About the Recent Supreme Court Ruling on Contractor Fraud

When someone is wronged in a facility that receives federal funding, it’s not necessarily as straightforward an issue as people would like. Like may rules, the forces that govern company liability are left to a good deal of interpretation. The US Supreme Court recently appeared to place limits on bringing charges up against federal contractors […]

Defective vehicle parts may be cause of ‘Star Trek’ star’s tragic death; vehicle was part of massive recall over false park issue

Anton Yelchin, best known for playing Ensign Pavel Chekov in the recently rebooted Star Trek movie franchise, died in mid June in a tragic accident. Yelchin, 27, was apparently pinned by his Chrysler-made Jeep Cherokee in the driveway of his California home. Yet with defective products such as the false park issue in Yelchin’s car, […]

Bus Accident Attorneys Help Victims of Victoria Texas Accident Get the Settlement They Deserve

In the wee morning hours of January 2, 2008, a bus transporting nearly 50 people from Monterrey, Mexico to Houston, Texas crashed in Victoria, Texas. The bus driver, who had fallen asleep at the wheel, overcorrected the bus when it veered off the road, only for the bus to overturn onto the side of the […]

Tree Trimming Deaths Alarm Federal Officials

Tree Trimming Deaths Alarm Federal Officials

Workplace injuries are common, but some industries have a surprising level of them that stuns even the most studious watch groups. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, tree trimmers and maintenance workers have fatal accidents in their work at over 3 times the U.S average. And despite this alarming number, tree trimmers do […]

Rio Grande Valley Residents Have Been Eating Toxic Fish for Decades

For more than two decades, both state and federal officials have clearly understood that the fish populating the Donna Reservoir and Canal System in the Rio Grande Valley area are a major health risk. Although the water itself in the Valley has been declared safe by environmental researchers, the fish are a different matter altogether. […]

Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause of Death in United States

Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause of Death in United States

Horrific stories of patients leaving the hospital with surgical gauze still packed underneath their stitches, surgeons removing the wrong limb or body part, or of nurses administering medications meant for another patient are the stuff nightmares are made of. Medical malpractice in medical care has been dominating the headlines lately, and while you might assume […]