Wrongful Death Claim Value

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How much is a wrongful death claim worth?

You may be wondering how one determines the value of a wrongful death claim. These claims are among the most serious in the state of Texas — or anywhere, for that matter. As with all the claims we handle, we are diligent in accurately establishing each wrongful death claim’s value as we fight to bring compensation to the loved ones of the decedent. We look at what happened, including the conduct of the responsible parties that led to the death. We also must examine the role of the person who died regarding the support of others. How will the loss of their income impact the family? How will family members lose physical, intellectual, and emotional support? In addition to the wrongful death claim, survivorship claims may also be made, which relate to compensation for the suffering of the person who died. The many facets of wrongful death and survivorship claims make it crucial to have the help of an experienced attorney. Make sure you retain a lawyer with the skill and knowledge to accurately assess your claim’s value, protect that value as they advocate for compensation, and if necessary, win your claim in court.

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