What You Need To Know About Texting and Driving?

What You Need To Know About Texting and Driving?

Most of us are guilty of it. Maybe we’re not like those people who spend the entire drive to work on their phones, but most of us have at least checked a text or sent someone a quick message while on the road. We tell ourselves that it’s no big deal, we only spend a couple seconds with our eyes off the road, right?

Here’s an interesting statistic: the minimum amount of time it takes to check your phone is estimated to be around five seconds. At 55 mph, that means that you’re driving the length of a football field without looking where you’re going. Any car accident attorney will tell you that a lot can happen over a football field’s worth of road.

The Department of Transportation reports that cell phones are involved in around 1.6 million auto accidents every year, making up around a quarter of all auto accidents. These cell-phone related accidents result in half a million injuries and six thousand deaths every year. Being on either side of one of these accidents, whether you are at fault or a victim, can create serious strife in your life, even if you can find a car accident attorney to help you set your financial affairs straight.

This is what headsets are for, right? Well, maybe not. Studies have shown that using your cellphone with a headset increases risk as well. You may technically be looking at the road when using a headset, but your attention is nevertheless divided. It is estimated that dialing a phone nearly triples your risk of an accident, but talking or listening on the phone, or just reaching for your device, creates an additional 50% chance of an accident. Texting while driving multiplies your chances of an accident twenty three times over. Show these statistics to any car accident attorney and they probably won’t find them surprising. Many of the cases that come through a car accident attorney office are related to texting.

A 2011 survey found that thirteen percent of drivers aged 18 to 20 involved in an accident admitted to talking or texting on a device during the time of the crash, and this is just the number of drivers who admitted to it. Fifty two percent of young drivers have admitted to talking on a cell phone while driving, seventy seven percent are confident that they can safely text while driving, and a little over half claim that it’s easy to text while driving. Teens who text while driving spend around ten percent of their time on the road outside of their own lane.

Although teens and young adults tend to be the most dangerous drivers when it comes to texting on the road, 27% of adults over the age of 20 have texted while driving, and almost 50% of kids under 18 claim to have been in a car with a texting adult.

What can we all do about this? Well there are a few steps we can take:

Don’t text and drive. Whatever you need to chit-chat about, it can probably wait.
Raise awareness however you can. Send this article to someone you know who has a bad texting habit. Let people know that just because texting and driving hasn’t cost them anything yet, that doesn’t mean that it never will.
If you or someone you know has been injured or otherwise suffered damages due to texting and driving, get in touch with someone who can rectify the situation. If you’re in Texas, a GOM Law car accident attorney in McAllen, TX can set you up with a free consultation and inform you or someone you know of all the available options for recompense.

Drive safe, drive smart, and don’t hesitate to ask for help from a car accident attorney if you or someone you know has been affected by texting and driving.

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