Truck Accident Settlement Offers in Texas

Truck Accident Settlement Offers in Texas
Watch this video to learn why accepting truck accident settlement offers from an insurance company in Texas isn’t a good idea. Call our office today.

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Should I accept a settlement offer from an insurance company?


The other day, we had a client come in who had been involved in a serious trucking accident and insurance companies were making him offers. He wanted to know if he should accept the first offer that the insurance company gave him. Truck Accident Settlement Offers Our answer to you is no; don’t ever take the first offer an insurance company makes to you. Insurance companies are not going to give you their best offer right away. We recommend you find an attorney who specializes in personal injury in order for them to advocate for your rights.
When insurance companies hear that you’ve hired trial attorneys with good reputations, they’ll come to the table with better offers. They know that there’s potential that these attorneys will take them to trial and win. If you have any other questions or any other concerns, please contact us.

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