Truck Accident Injury Claims

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How is a truck accident claim different than a car accident claim?

A car accident injury claim is different from a truck accident injury claim in that there’s different rules and laws that apply to each. In a car-to-car accident injury, you’re dealing with what we call “the rules of the road.” You know, whether someone failed to stop at a stop sign or whether or not they failed to yield the right of way, things like that. In a truck accident injury claim that involves a commercial vehicle, you have what a truck accident lawyer would call “federal motor carrier safety rules and regulations.” These are rules and regulations both federally mandated and adopted by the state of Texas that dictate what professional truck drivers should or should not be doing.

Our experienced truck accident lawyers understanding of the nuances of federal motor carrier safety rules and regulations enables us to effectively investigate truck accident claims to establish at-fault parties and causation of injury.