Truck Accident Claim Value

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How much is my truck accident claim worth?


You may be wondering how to determine the value of a truck accident injury claim. The way to achieve this starts with assessing the injuries the victim suffered. Medical expenses for treatment of the injuries must also be considered, as well as future costs that will be incurred for any ongoing treatment. The potential for physical impairment must be determined, both present and future. The negative impacts of injuries, including that of future impairment must be factored into damages. Will the injuries damage the person’s earning capacity, preventing them from earning their pre-accident income? How is the person’s quality of life going to change as a result? In addition to the physical issues, the correlation between mental anguish and quality of life must be assessed, both present and future. On top of these issues, the conduct of the at-fault parties must be examined. Was the behavior of the responsible party egregious to a degree that punitive damages may be available? So, there are many elements that must be examined when determining the value of a truck accident claim. Looking at what happened, how it happened, and why it happened all contribute to establishing fault and causation — the connection between the actions of the at-fault party to the injuries sustained by the victim. Both fault and causation must be successfully established to win your claim.

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