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How much is my truck accident claim worth?


There are several factors that must be looked at when determining the value of a truck accident claim. First of all, what are the extent of the injuries that you suffered? For example, did you have a neck injury? Truck Accident Claim Value Did you have a back injury? Did you hit your head and as a result had a concussion or traumatic brain injury? That’s one factor you look at. Another factor that you must look at is how and why did the accident happen. This is really important because to determine the value, we need to figure out exactly how the accident happened. To do that, we need to look at the safety regulations that apply to the trucking industry. There are very specific regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that apply to truck drivers and to trucking companies. Once the lawyer gets an opportunity to look at that, we can see what regulations were violated and how often they have been violated. For example, if a truck driver was talking on the phone, which is against the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations, the value of the case is going to be tremendous.

Did the trucking company check out the equipment properly and were they doing daily inspections? All of these are factors that get looked at to determine the value of the case.
Another important factor in determining the value of a case is the amount of insurance carried by the other side. In order to do this, you must get an experienced truck accident lawyer who has done a lot of trucking litigation to help answer that question for you. If you have any questions whatsoever, we are here to help.

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