Tire Maintenance Saves Lives

We entrust our lives to them every day. They’re responsible for taking us and our families almost everywhere we go, from the corner store to the other side of the country, and most of the time we hardly pay attention to them.

The tires on your truck or vehicle are a crucial safety component. They’re essential for steering and braking, and when they’re not in proper shape, terrible things can happen.

Just this month, 36 high school students learned that lesson all too well.

On June 11, a school bus in Kentucky carrying more than three dozen students crashed into a dividing wall on Interstate 64, sending 11 people to the hospital. The cause? Faulty tires.

While no one was killed in this accident, tire failure is a leading cause of fatalities on America’s roadways, as people in the Rio Grande Valley were reminded of last week. On June 14, a pregnant mother, her unborn child and her daughter were killed after a blowout on Expressway 83 near Brownsville.

It is absolutely critical that tires on all types of vehicles are maintained and inspected with constant vigilance.

Even though most tires have a lifespan of about 60,000 miles, special care must be taken during installation and alignment, and drivers must always be on the lookout for damage or defects.

Many things can cause a tire to fail, including:

Too much weight in the vehicle
Excessively hot asphalt
Tire failure has the potential to cause immense damage, injury or death, and unfortunately, it happens all the time. If you find yourself in a situation where tire failure has resulted in an injury to you, your family or your property, it’s important to ask yourself who is responsible. The last thing you want is to be liable for medical bills and legal fees when you were not to blame.

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