Three Girls Killed In Car Accident Near Robstown Texas

One of the more tragic, but possibly preventable, recent accidents in Texas took place in late March near Corpus Christi.

A group of friends from the Houston area were returning from a spring break trip to South Padre Island, heading north on Highway 77.

On Sunday afternoon, the driver apparently lost control of her Hyundai Elantra just south of Robstown. The car began to slide off the road, then the driver overcorrected, which sent the car into the south-bound lane, directly into the path of an 18-wheel tractor-trailer.

Two passengers in the backseat, sisters Jade Robinson and Briana Robinson, died at the scene. A third occupant, Brittanie Johnson, the front seat passenger, was taken to a local hospital where she later was declared dead. The car’s driver had critical injuries and was airlifted to an area hospital. The tractor-trailer driver was unhurt.

An investigation by Texas Department of Public Safety found that the unnamed driver had been looking at her phone for GPS directions when she went off the road. The accident closed the highway for several hours due to debris from the accident.

The collision likely happened in an instant, but the survivors will likely be affected by that moment all of their lives, as will the family members of the deceased teens.
It’s these types of sad situations where Car Accident Attorneys are able to offer assistance. Nothing will be able to bring deceased loved ones back, but family members of people hurt or killed might also be entitled to some degree of compensation because of all the pain and anguish that took place due to other people’s mistakes or poor choices.
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Experienced Car Accident Attorneys will typically begin their efforts by reaching out to investigators and requesting all the details of the car accident. With this information, they will sometimes talk with family members, insurance companies, and any other legal representatives for other victims about different legal options.

For instance, one of the biggest questions noted in many massive accidents of this sort is whether people were wearing their seat belts. In some types of large-scale collisions, damage can be minimized if people remember to buckle up.

In this case, the DPS findings indicated that all four passengers were properly restrained prior to the collision. But impacting with the tractor-trailer so strongly likely caused injuries and death regardless of seat belt use. Car Accident Attorneys can walk family members through the often difficult process following a collision, plus the sometimes sensitive questions such as who was at fault.

In the case of the Robstown accident, the driver’s distraction and use of her phone may have been a significant factor in the accident and she may even face criminal charges, which could further complicate the case especially if civil and criminal processes run parallel.

Survivors of accidents will likely have significant medical bills, and families with deceased loved ones will also face funeral costs and related expenses, which can also be included in discussions with Car Accident Attorneys.

With the Robstown accident, friends and fellow team members of the Robinson sisters raised more than $23,000 online to help the family’s costs. But in some accidents, not everyone has this kind of support, which is why the assistance of Car Accident Attorneys can be crucial.

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