The Nitty Gritty of Your Burn Injury Case

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Choosing a Burn Injury Attorney

The Nitty Gritty of Your Burn Injury CaseWhen it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney for your burn accident claim, you should ask the following questions. One, are you a personal injury trial lawyer? That means that you do nothing but personal injury work. You don’t handle divorces, bankruptcies, and wills. Two, are you a trial lawyer? That means you are a lawyer that will take this case to trial, if necessary. Three, have you done this work before? If the attorney tells you that his is the first time they’ve ever been involved in a fire case, then that’s not the lawyer for you. Four, are you board-certified? Board certification by the state of Texas proves you have expertise in this area. Only three percent of the lawyers in personal injury have board certification.

Burn Injury Settlement Timeline

The timeline for resolving a fire injury in Texas depends on several factors. How severe and what type of burns did you suffer? How did the fire occur? Who is responsible for the fire occurring? In those cases, you’re going to want to obtain control over the premises where the fire occurred. You’re going to want to investigate it. The fire marshal will be involved. The firemen are going to be involved. The county is going to be involved. The police will probably be involved. These cases are going to take a fair amount of time.

After a Burn Injury

If someone suffers a serious burn injury, it’s important for them to contact a lawyer as soon as possible and have that lawyer begin to investigate the claim. The attorney will meet with the necessary officials that have probably been on the scene since the fire occurred.

If you aren’t up to contacting a lawyer right after your injury, this is something a loved one will probably be happy to help with. They can read over attorney websites and check out online ratings and reviews. They can then make recommendations to you and set up a free legal consultation. In most cases, the attorney can come to you if you are unable to go to the attorney.

Once you’ve retained a lawyer for your claim, it’s important to get them copies of the fire marshal’s report, the police reports, and any other reports that may exist from any other agencies that investigated that fire. This will be the jumping off point for your lawyer to launch their own investigation to support your claim.

Available Burn Injury Damages

The potential damages available for burn injury claims include the medical care and costs associated with being a burn injury survivor. These include the medical costs incurred over the lifetime of the burn victim for treatments like skin grafts and debridements. Damages may also include the loss of income and past and present disfigurement.

In cases where burn injuries cause wrongful death, then damages will fall into the areas of pain and suffering, mental anguish to the family and mental anguish to the person who died. Damages will also relate to the loss of care, comfort, and support and maintenance that person would have provided to the family during their lifetime.

Hiring an experienced burn injury lawyer ensures that all available damages are included in your request for compensation.

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