The Latest Wave of Recalls Includes the Ford Explorer and Ford F150

Those who keep up with the latest news have undoubtedly noticed the numerous recalls happening with a wide variety of products. The newest company added to the list includes Ford. This popular auto manufacturer is one of the best-represented companies on the road and their cars are popular for not only civilian use but also for numerous government entities, such as police vehicles. One of their most popular models is the Ford Explorer, a commonly owned SUV used for everything from commuting to transportation of heavy equipment. Unfortunately, those who own a Ford Explorer may be asked to take their vehicle in for some serious repairs. Here is a look at some of the key points about the latest Ford recall that may have impacted you. 

Why are the Vehicles Getting Recalled?

Ford recently announced that their Explorer models are being recalled due to issues related to carbon monoxide poisoning. For some reason, this Ford recall has developed from exhaust from the vehicle may enter the driving cabin of the impacted vehicles. This exhaust continues noxious fumes that include carbon monoxide poisoning. Those who own a house likely have carbon monoxide detectors that alert the occupants to the presence of the poisonous gas; however, in a car, the small chamber can make people sick from the gas very quickly. For this reason, the Ford Explorer has been recalled.

How did this Happen?

One of the first questions that people ask about the Ford recall is about how the issue arose in the first place. At this time, Ford is still investigating what went wrong with their vehicles that led to such as serious issue. They believe that it could be due to changes that developed after the vehicles were purchased, highlighting the installation of emergency lights as an example. This could have led to the delivery of vehicular exhaust to the driving cabin. Regardless of the reason why, anyone who has purchased an affected model of the Ford Explorer needs to heed the warnings of the company and make sure that their vehicle is taken in for an inspection. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly.

What Models of Ford Explorers have been Impacted?

At the present time, anyone who has purchased a model year Ford Explorer ranging from 2011 to 2017 should take their vehicle to a local shop for an inspection. It is important for people to note that the model year of the car could be different than the year that they purchased the car themselves. While Ford is saying that the inspections are for the customer’s “peace of mind,” they are also being inspected for a serious safety concern. Failure to correct an issue with the exhaust and ventilation of the vehicle could lead to serious car accidents that could include fatalities. People should obey the Ford recall and get their vehicles fixed to ensure this does not happen to them.

Have People Already Been Impacted by this Issue?

Unfortunately, many people have been impacted by the carbon monoxide issues related to the Ford Explorer and the Ford recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has already received more than 2,500 complaints about people who have sustained possible carbon monoxide poisoning while operating a Ford Explorer. Furthermore, they have also received word of more than 40 injuries and multiple accidents that may have resulted from this serious issue as well. Over the summer, a police department in Austin also had to park hundreds of their vehicles as a result of dozens of officers who had gotten sick while driving their police cruisers. They were later found to have developed carbon monoxide poisoning.

How can I Know if I have Developed Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

One of the most common questions that people ask is how they will know if they have developed carbon monoxide poisoning themselves. While the smell of car exhaust is noticeable, carbon monoxide gas does not have an odor or a color; however, people will start to develop several mental symptoms. They may start to feel lightheaded. They could feel like they are going to pass out. Their vision may become blurry. People may have issues focusing on the road or concentrating on the task at hand. Obviously, this can make it impossible to operate a motor vehicle safely. Those who have developed these symptoms need to pull over and seek medical care immediately, particularly if they are driving one of the affected model years of the Ford Explorer.

Is a Treatment for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Available?

Fortunately, carbon monoxide poisoning is treatable. Carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin molecules in the bloodstream, preventing the red blood cells from releasing oxygen to tissues that need it, depriving tissues of a vital nutrient. Because all of the red blood cells are bound to carbon monoxide, the individual may appear to be a bright red color. Those who have been impacted by carbon monoxide poisoning require the delivery of 100 percent oxygen in a hospital facility to drive the carbon monoxide out of the tissues. They may need to be placed in a hyperbaric chamber for an extended period of time to enhance oxygen delivery to the bloodstream. If carbon monoxide poisoning is not treated, it is fatal, making this an emergent medical condition.

What Does the Recovery Process Look Like?

Once someone has started the treatment process with supplemental oxygen, their levels of carbon monoxide in the bloodstream will be watched closely. Over time, their levels of carbon monoxide will start to come down. Once their levels have reached an appropriate level, they will be discharged home; however, they may still feel tired for several days afterwards. Most people who receive medical treatment in time will make a full recovery. While they may feel better, if the issue leading to the carbon monoxide poisoning has not been corrected, they will simply get carbon monoxide poisoning again. That is why anyone with an affected Ford Explorer needs to heed the Ford recall orders and get their vehicle repaired as soon as possible.

Consumer Alert: An Additional Recall from Ford

 In addition to the litany of Explorer models that have been the subject of the latest Ford recall, the popular Ford F150 has been recalled as well. This is one of the most popular models on the road and has the potential to impact countless people everywhere. While it is still under investigation, the latest Ford recall is likely to impact drivers in the same way as the first. Those who drive the 2015 Ford F150 should make sure to take their vehicle to the dealership as soon as possible so that it can be fixed if a problem is found. It is vital for everyone to place their safety first.

What is Wrong with the Ford F150?

The latest Ford recall targets the 2015 Ford F150. This model has an issue with the door latch. It has been estimated that this latest Ford recall is going to impact over 1 million pickup trucks that are already on the road. The door latches have the potential freeze and the actuation cables in the door could bend improperly. If this happens, the door can freeze in a certain position, making it difficult to open or close the door. Even if the door appears closed, it might not be closed entirely. This means that the door has the potential to swing open while the vehicle is in motion, particularly at high speeds. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, people should try to visit the dealership as quickly as possible to have their car inspected properly.

 What if an Accident Occurs on the Road?

 If people wind up in a car accident while driving either the recalled Ford F150 or the recalled Ford Explorer models, they should make sure that they seek medical care for any injuries that they may have sustained first; however, people should also note that Ford should be held responsible for any injuries (and subsequent medical costs) that someone might accrue. In this situation, an experienced legal adviser can help guide people through a complicated legal process. It can be challenging to navigate the legal waters, particularly for the first time, which is where an experienced legal attorney can provide some key assistance.

What Should People Do About the Recall?

First and foremost, anyone who has been driving an impacted Ford Explorer or Ford F150 model should obey the Ford recall and get their vehicles fixed. While this might be an inconvenience and people may need to take time off of work to get their vehicles fixed, they should not place their lives at risk. Ford has been repairing these vehicles free of charge; people simply need to take their vehicles to the shop for an inspection. If their car has been affected, it will be repaired free of charge as well. Remember, the impacted vehicles are the model years from 2011 to 2017. Many people who have been driving impacted vehicles may have received a letter from Ford about the recall.

What if I Have Been Made Sick by the Explorer?

 Without a doubt, this is a vast Ford recall that impacts countless vehicles that are on the open road. Those who have symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning should place their health first. After recovering, people who know that Ford should be held responsible for the sicknesses and injuries that may have developed as a result of their product defects and the Ford recall. Investigations into the cause of this recall are still ongoing and it may take some time to figure out exactly what has happened; however, there may be legal options and routes available for help with coverage of medical costs. For assistance with this, it might be prudent to contact an experienced attorney to learn more about the options available.

All of the Options are on the Table

 Individuals who have been harmed by a Ford Explorer product defect or any other product liability issue should make sure that they know their rights before moving forward. Companies should be held responsible for the quality of the product they place on the open market, particularly if it has injured people in the process. Those who have been injured in a car accident should know that friendly lawyers from GOM Law are standing by to provide assistance.  Those who have been hurt by a product recall of any kind should contact GOM Law for more information, located conveniently in McAllen, TX. Representatives are standing by to answer any and all questions that people might have. It can be tough to navigate the legal waters of a recalled product. Rely on the friendly assistance of a GOM Law professional who always places the needs of their clients first.

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