Texas Pedestrian Accident Claim Value

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How much is my pedestrian accident claim worth?


You may be wondering how to determine the value of a pedestrian accident claim.

The process begins with assessing the injuries that were incurred. Next, you look at the medical care that would have been needed for such injuries. After that, other factors include the person’s prognosis, or forecast as to how that injury will progress. Will it require additional future medical care?

As you look forward, determinations must be made about how the injury will affect the person’s life. Will they have an impairment? If so, will the impairment be permanent — such as a limp, for example. Will they be able to walk without assistance?

The financial impact must be examined: past, present, and future. Did the injury cause loss of wages? Will there be an impairment that affect the person’s future wages?

In addition to the factors above, the emotional impact must be considered. Has the injured person suffered mental anguish in the past? Do they continue to suffer now? Will they suffer in the future?

An experienced pedestrian accident attorney will help you accurately assess the value of your claim to ensure you ask for the compensation you deserve.

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