Texas medical malpractice lawyer warns about a CR Bard medical device implanted in thousands of Americans at risk for blood clots

Every year, nearly 100,000 Americans die as a result of medical mistakes which are avoidable. Injuries resulting from medical malpractices can either ruin a patient’s life or even result to death. It is a medical malpractice lawyer’s job to ensure justice prevails for the victims of such malpractices. For instance, an investigation by NBC News which aired in two sections uncovered dark details about medical behemoth C.R. Bard and its inferior vena cava filter (IVC). IVC filters are spider-like devices which prevent blood clots from reaching the lungs and are surgically inserted into major veins. According to medical experts, these devices usually have a high failure rate which increases with time. All the devices will eventually fail thus a 100% failure of the device becomes a question of “when” but not “if”.

As NBC Nightly News reports, IVC recovery filters from C.R Bard have the highest rates of death, filter movement and fracture than any of its competitors. C.R. Bard ignored mounting reports of death and injury linked to the IVC filter and continued to sell 34,000 recovery filters for three years. Rather than removing the allegedly perilous device from the market, the medical company modified the filter and named it the G2 filter. According to the first part of the investigation, 27 deaths and 300 injuries can be linked to the C.R Bard recovery filter. The second part investigates how Bard has been using questionable methods to solicit and attain FDA approval for the IVC filter. In May 2014, the FDA warned medical practitioners of the risks associated to the filters. They instructed the doctors to remove the filters from patients after the risk of getting a pulmonary embolism has passed by one to two months. However, many doctor were not adequately warned. Also, many of the victims aren’t aware that they have potential medical malpractice claims, thus losing the opportunity to legally pursue justice for their injuries. It’s very crucial that you speak to a medical malpractice lawyer after you’ve been hurt.

NBC’s story of Dodi Froehlich, 45, who received a filter from C.R Bard after a car accident, sheds some light on the implications of medical malpractices and the importance of having a medical malpractice lawyer. Four months after the filters were implanted, Ms. Froehlich experienced severe headaches and passed out. Tests revealed that a piece of the filter meant to save her life had pierced her heart after breaking off. In order to save her life, an open-heart surgery had to be done. Fortunately, surgeons were able to remove the broken piece and save her life. In another related incident, Gloria Adams was not so lucky. After having a brain aneurysm in 2004, doctor implanted the filter. According to her son, Kevin Keech, everything was fine when she was discharged from the hospital. Gloria died a week later. After an autopsy was done, it was established that a clot pushed the entire filter into her heart, puncturing it and killing her instantly.

C.R Bard responded to the filter problems by hiring a Hill and Knowlton, a public-relations firm which warned that “unfavorable press” could damage stock prices and ruin reputations. Bard also hired an outside doctor to conduct a study which was confidential. Currently, there are at least 22 IVC Bard filter cases in federal court. The judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation states that there are another 16 additional cases pending in 13 U.S. District Courts. This brings to light the importance of medical malpractice lawyers.

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