Burns are extremely painful, even when they are minor burns from taking out something from the oven. Odds are, if you are reading this page, you have suffered something far worse than a minor kitchen injury. We want to extend our deepest sympathies to you because this truly is a difficult thing to have to go through, especially if this was an accident that should have been avoided. If you are severely burned, you may be eligible for a personal injury claim. Our Texas burn injury lawyers will be able to help you every step of the way to get full compensation.

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Most Common Burn Accidents

Most of the time, burns are caused by out of control fires. The negligence of not having working smoke alarms, not being compliant with fire cords and/or bad electric work are prime factors that lead to out of control fires. There are two layers of that skin and depending how badly burned they get your injury will be classified in degrees. If you have a first-degree burn, that means the top layer of your skin was burned. A second-degree burn damages both layers of skin, and a third-degree burn damages both layers of skin plus the issue under the skin and sometimes as deep at the bone. You may need skin grafting and will most likely have severe scarring. This can be very costly and take a very long time to recover.

Important First Steps After a Burn Injury

If you have been seriously burned, you are most likely going to be eligible for a personal injury case which means you have several things to prove in order to make it a successful case. That includes proving that there was an individual or entity that had a duty to keep you safe, that a liable party breached that duty, you were hurt because of it, and that your damages are significant.

What You Can Be Compensated For

With any typical personal injury case in Texas, the only damages that you could seek out would be compensatory damages which include past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. With a fire burn injury, you may be able to seek out punitive damages which is a way to punish the liable party. Punitive damages will be considered when there is gross negligence or malicious intent to harm, i.e. arson. In order to collect punitive damages, however, you would have to prove that there was negligence or malice.

If you lost a loved one in a fire incident, you would then be eligible for wrongful death compensation on behalf of the surviving family members who would be emotionally and financially affected by the loss of this person. Those cases are typically reserved for the spouses, minor children, and/or parents according to Texas law.

Obstacles You May Have to Overcome for a Successful Case

It is not always easy to figure out how much compensation you will be entitled to because your injuries may require either a lot of care, or just a little bit of care. We won’t know the particulars until you have finished or come toward the end of your treatment. Your burn injury can affect so many things in your life, including your ability to take baths, go to the beach in the sun, or work in a rigorous environment. We need to take all of that into account and come up with a compensation award, which is a challenge. We may need specialists and experts to come in to testify on your behalf after evaluating your claim. There will be a determination about what your future medical needs will be which is important to your case.

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