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Top 15 Most Problematic Cars On the Road Today

Top 15 Most Problematic Cars On the Road Today

When you step inside your vehicle, you are counting on that vehicle is functioning exactly as intended in order to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case, depending on the exact vehicle that you are driving. Below, we’ll take a look at the top 15 […]

Nissan Recalls Over 240,000 Cars & SUVs For Catching Fire

Recently, Nissan announced a concerning recall on several of their most popular models. According to the automotive manufacturer, this latest round of auto recalls has been put into place due to the risk of the vehicles spontaneously catching fire. This, of course, is a very serious problem that has left many Nissan owners deeply concerned […]

How Defective Products Are Causing More ATV Crashes

As the weather starts to warm up, more and more people are going to want to enjoy the outdoors. One of the popular tools that children and adults will enjoy is the ATV. These can be enjoyed off-road, raced with friends, and used for tricks. Unfortunately, people can also get hurt while riding an ATV. […]

Massive Settlements Due To The Latest GM Auto Recall

It seems like every day another company is issuing a recall for a popular product that has been sold widely across the country. Whether it is a piece of furniture, a toy, or even a motor vehicle, it is important for people to pay attention to these recalls to ensure that they aren’t using a […]

A Product Recall Has Been Issued For The Polaris 570 Sportsman

From time to time, customers may hear about a recall issued on the news and wonder what this is. A product recall is issued when there is a problem with a product that could impact the safety of the user and those around them. For example, a car company may issue an auto parts recall […]