Starting a Bus Accident Case

Starting a Bus Accident CaseWhen you are starting a bus accident case for the first time, there is likely a lot that you are not aware of and having the proper guidance is essential. Our injury lawyers are here to help you get through your case successfully. Set up your free first consultation.

First Steps

There are several things that must be done after being injured in a bus accident to make sure you have a strong personal injury claim and that your rights are protected. First, did you report the accident to the bus driver, bus company, or local government agency, such as a police department, DPS, or sheriff’s office?
Another thing that’s important is that you seek immediate medical attention. This not only means going to the local hospital, but also going to your medical provider. When you go to a hospital, they’ll typically tell you, in writing, to follow up with your doctor after the visit is over. Please follow up with your doctor because otherwise you’re not going to be compliant. By going to your own doctor, there could be untreated injuries that you may need to have closely examined, and that will only happen with your local medical provider.

It’s also important that you hire an experienced lawyer who’s handled bus accident cases before. It’s not like your typical car accident. There are different regulations that are going to apply to both the busing company and to the bus driver. Your lawyer can properly examine these regulations to make sure they were complied with.

Mistakes to Avoid

The other day we had a client come in who asked what some of the common mistakes are that people make after they’ve been involved in a bus accident. Some of the common mistakes that people make are that they don’t call attorneys right away to seek legal advice and they don’t seek attorneys who specialize in personal injury. These attorneys will be more experienced, and they have better techniques to advocate for you and your rights. It also pushes insurance companies to come to the table with better offers, knowing that there’s a high risk that they’ll take you to trial.

Another mistake that we commonly see is that people don’t report their injuries. They don’t call 911, and they don’t make a claim of it. That can be damaging because there’s no official documentation of it. Police also do their own investigations and preserve evidence, which can be beneficial for us in fighting for you. Another mistake we typically see is that people don’t seek medical attention right away, which can be damaging to your claim later and obviously damaging to you as well.

Selecting the Right Lawyer

When it comes to selecting the best attorney for your bus accident case, you should ask these four questions. One, are you a personal injury trial lawyer? A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who only handles personal injury cases. They don’t handle divorces, bankruptcies, or criminal cases. Two, are they a trial lawyer? In other words, will this lawyer go to court with you to represent your case in front of a judge and jury? Third, does the lawyer have experience and success in this area of law? They should be able to talk to you about their successes, the cases they’ve been involved in, and the verdicts or results they have gotten. Fourth, are they board-certified? This is one of the highest honors in their area of practice. In this state, only three percent of the lawyers are board-certified personal injury lawyers. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us.

Our injury lawyers can help with starting a bus accident case and will be there to fight for you to have a successful outcome. Call us and set up a free consultation to get started.