Sexual abuse lawyer sues Uber after accusing driver of sexual assault on her client

An anonymous Dallas, Texas woman, as of last month, is suing popular ride-sharing service Uber after claiming she was sexually assaulted by her then Uber driver. The lawsuit, which was filed in Dallas County by the woman’s sexual abuse lawyer, lists the driver, Uber, and the driver’s limousine company as defendants in the case. She is seeking compensation totaling over $1 million for medical expenses, and damages both physical and mental in nature.

According to lawsuit contents and police testimony, the driver, Talal Ali Chammout, 56, picked the woman up at 8 p.m. in Oak Lawn and drove her to her home in the Dallas borrough of Oak Cliff. Allegedly, Chammout followed the woman into her home, clubbed her on the back of her head, and sexually assaulted her. The arrest affidavit claims the woman passed out, woke up with Chammout on top of her, passed out again, and woke up the following morning without clothes and with “a large bump on the back of her head and scrapes on her knees.”

Upon investigation, police discovered that Chammout had spent time in a federal prison on a weapons charge and was then in possession of a fake Dallas city driving permit. Uber admitted Chammout under both the weapons charge and fake permit, though representatives say this was done so mistakenly.

“Uber’s actions were akin to letting a tiger loose in a shopping mall,” said the lawsuit. “After Uber began pairing Chammout with unsuspecting women, the question was not whether Chammout would strike, but when and against whom.”

Her sexual abuse lawyer, Quentin Brogdon, made more comments to the Dallas Morning News.

“What happened to this young woman is every woman’s worst nightmare and it’s the worst nightmare of every man with a wife or a daughter,” explained Brogdon.

Chammout has been released from custody even after a judge raised it to $250,000. He is not allowed to have any contact with the plaintiff while out of custody.

The lawsuit comes at awkward timing for the ever-expanding rideshare service (which has an estimated worth of $50 billion), as it was filed on the exact same day Uber won out in another Texas lawsuit. In that case, several taxi cab operators sued the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Board for its new policy allowing Uber to do business at its location.

Such an incident, unfortunately, is not without precedent in Uber’s history. One website, entitled “Who’s Driving You?”, has compiled an active list of dangerous incidents involving both Uber and Lyft—another app-based rideshare service. Incidents include kidnappings, deaths, sexual assaults, and driver DUIs.

Sexual abuse is a horrifying, traumatizing incident, and it affects far too many people. By nature of its trauma, many of those affected don’t know what subsequent steps to take, or may be too afraid to take them. Don’t let fear or lacking knowledge stop you from seeking justice; with the assistance of a sexual abuse lawyer, you can recover what you deserve.

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