Recovering Lost Wages

Were you seriously injured in a ridesharing accident and are unable to work? Call our office to learn how we can help you with recovering lost wages.

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Will I be reimbursed for lost wages after a ridesharing accident?


Under Texas law, if you’re involved in an accident, including a ridesharing accident, you are entitled to lost wages. What we look at is how much money you were making prior to the accident. Recovering Lost Wages In order to determine this, we will look at W-2s, tax returns or similar-type documents, such as a 1099. However, you may also be wondering if you can recover compensation even if you’re not currently employed at the time of the accident? Loss of future earning capacity is also possible under Texas law. We will look at education, experience, and prior jobs to determine this value. It is important to hire an experienced lawyer that handles ridesharing cases on a regular basis. An experienced lawyer will guide you so that you can receive the maximum amount of lost wages in your claim.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured while riding in an Uber or Lyft and have questions about recovering lost wages after an accident?
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