Personal Injury Attorneys Report Texas Jury Finds Trampoline Park Grossly Negligent

Personal injury attorneys are satisfied over the rulings on the recent lawsuit filed by the family of a Houston teenager. The youth, referred to only as “Max” by WFAA’s sister station KHOU, was playing inside a commercial trampoline park located in northwest Harris County. At the time of the accident, he was coming down a trampoline slide owned by the Cosmic Jump. Unfortunately, through gross negligence by the trampoline park’s management, there was a rip or hole of some type near the bottom of the slide. The tear was unseen by Max, and as he slid toward the bottom of the slide his weight caused him to fall through the damaged area, as reported by the family’s attorney Charlie Gustin to the radio station KHOU in 2014.  As a result of the fall through the trampoline, Max fell some five feet to the ground. He hit his head on the concrete floor and was immediately rushed to the nearest medical center. According to personal injury attorneys, he was diagnosed with a traumatic head injury with hemorrhage. Personal injury attorneys take up such cases like Max’s case to get the injured party the best compensation possible.

Two Week Trial Followed by a Stunning Verdict

The trial lasted two weeks and on Friday the judge delivered the verdict. According to the Houston law firm that represented the case, “Jurors found Cosmic Jump grossly negligent.” As such, they were given the harshest sentence ever given against an American commercial trampoline park. Max’s family was awarded damages in the sum of $11,485 million. Of that, almost $5.5 million represents compensatory damages. The remaining $6 million is for punitive damages awarded against the trampoline park. In so doing, the Harris County jury hopes to “warn” the Cosmic Jump and other commercial trampoline parks about future negligence and mismanagement of their equipment. The safety of their customers must be a top priority.

Personal Injury Attorneys to the Rescue

It is doubtful that Max’s family could have won this case without excellent personal injury attorneys pleading his case. There are incidents such as Max’s that happen in every state of the United States, and without proper representation many of those suits would get buried in red tape until they are forgotten about. Have you or your loved ones been involved in any sort of an accident where you deserve to be compensated? If so, please contact GOM Law for a free consultation. We are here to help people just like you get what is coming to them – and more! There is no obligation to present your case to us, so call us today!

Cash Award to Help in the Healing Process

In Max’s case, his family was deeply affected by this terrible tragedy. According to his mother, Traci, this one little event turned her life upside down. Instead of a happy-go-lucky and cheerful teenager going to school, participating in typical events of a teenager and having fun, he is undergoing physical therapy and speech therapy. The student who was once an honors student is now trying to learn how to walk and talk. Thankfully, the family has the money to pay for his treatment thanks to personal injury attorneys.

Keep Them On Their Toes

Don’t let companies get away with negligence that has resulted in injuries to yourself or loved ones. Mental anguish, physical injuries and loss of work all need to be compensated. As personal injury attorneys, we make sure that victims of these accidents get the help they need in recovering and paying for appropriate treatment. As in the case of the torn trampoline, it is important not only for the injured party, but also to put negligent companies on notice that they must take the safety of their customers seriously.