Pedestrian Accident Injury Claims

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How is a pedestrian accident claim different than a car accident claim?


You may be wondering how a pedestrian accident injury claim differs from an accident injury claim involving two cars.

The difference is on the focus. A pedestrian accident claim requires focusing on the actions of the pedestrian and the rules and laws in place regarding pedestrians. Did the pedestrian have the right of way in terms of walking in a crosswalk? Did the pedestrian adhere to the rules pertaining to how they must cross the roadway?

You must also look at the car that may have hit the pedestrian and examine what the driver did versus what they should or should not have done.

Retaining a pedestrian accident lawyer ensures your claim is handled by someone who will take a thorough look at the law as it pertains to each party, determine at-fault parties, and establish causation between driver negligence and pedestrian injury.

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