Oilfield Accident Settlement Timeline

Are you wondering how long your case will take to settle? Watch this video about the oilfield accident settlement timeline in Texas to find out.
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How long will my oilfield accident case take?


The time it takes to resolve an oilfield injury case depends on many factors. One determining factor is the docket of the court. Depending on where you are, courts have different dockets and a different number of cases in front of you that still need to be tried. Oilfield Accident Settlement Timeline The other thing that’s going to come into play is the healing process and the type of injuries you’ve sustained. If you’ve suffered serious injuries, they can take a long time to heal. Until we’re sure that you’ve reached maximum medical improvement, then we can move forward with your case and file a lawsuit, if necessary. The next thing we have to worry about is if the insurance company brings a fair and reasonable offer to the table. If we not, we will have to file suit and fight it out in court. Those are the three main things that would come into play in determining how long it’s going to take to resolve an oilfield accident claim.

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