Mercedes Benz Recall: 126,000 Vehicles have Problems With Airbags

Mercedes Benz Recall: 126,000 Vehicles have Problems With Airbags

One of the most troubling elements of owning a vehicle, automobiles are occasionally recalled to their manufacturer in order to help remedy potential issues that may not have evident at the time of the vehicle’s release. For instance, there has recently been a Mercedes Benz recall that is intended to address an issue with the functionality of the airbags in an array of vehicles. Joining in on the recent rise in malfunctioning airbags, has recalled 126,000 units that are at risk of experiencing an airbag failure in the near future. Is your car at risk? Keep reading to find out.

Recall Details

As aforementioned, as a part of the recent Mercedes Benz recall, over 100 thousand vehicles are now at risk of experiencing an airbag malfunction. According to manufacturers, the control unit could fail in 1 0f 2 ways: the first of which involves the airbag not deploying when it is actually needed, the other possibility is that the airbag may spontaneously deploy when it is not needed at all. So far, Mercedes is unaware of any incidents directly related to this airbag issue. Nevertheless, this is a worldwide recall as a very real threat exists.

The models that may potentially be affected by this Mercedes Benz recall are 2008-9 C300, C350 and C63 AMG models, and the 2010 GLK350. This action came as a result of a report to federal regulators that occurred on October 26 of this year. In this report, Mercedes asserted that the company had become privy to information suggesting that in 2013, some cars experienced issues with their airbags deploying without being prompted. Although all of these cases occurred outside of American soil in models that are not sold in America, the possibility still exists that US models could be affected. Furthermore, there have been 3 cases of these spontaneous deployments in America, however, after being investigated by Mercedes, the manufacturer concluded that these vehicles had either suffered from previous water damage or had been involved in a previous accident.

The Rules of Recalling

According to federal safety regulations, once a vehicle is discovered to be unsafe in any substantial way, the manufacturer must contact N.H.T.S.A. within 5 business days and inform them of their plan to either recall or face a series of civil fines. Given that these parameters were followed, this allowed time for this Mercedes Benz recall to be carefully orchestrated, allowing the manufacturers sufficient time to totally address the issue.

A widespread issue across the globe, airbags recalls are becoming quite common in this day and age. Besides the Mercedes Benz recall, there are at least 11 other automakers experiencing problems with the functionality of their airbags. These bags are dangerous as they have the propensity to explode during a crash, sending metal fragments shooting towards the passengers.

If you experience an accident in relation to this Mercedes Benz recall, or any other manufacturer, working with an attorney is the best course of action in order to rectify the damages. If you or someone you know has been in an accident in the state of Texas, contact GOMLaw accident attorneys in McAllen today and get a free consultation!