McAllen Car Accident Attorney Warns About Teenage Drivers At Risk



A matter that affects drivers of all ages, teenage drivers are often considered a hazard to roadways. In conjunction with their obvious lack of experience, there is also the issue of the overuse of technology, especially while operating a motor vehicle. Indeed, from smartphones to GPS navigation systems to overly loud music and the like, the average teen is tasked with managing a number of electronics whilst driving. Add to that, the likelihood of a short attention span as well as the lack of innate defensive driving instincts, it’s no wonder why the demographic of teen drivers represent some of the most accident prone people on the road. A demographic which many car accident attorneys have become very acclimated with, teen drivers are the proverbial wild card within the world of driving.

Stats on Teen Accidents While Driving

An incredibly scary issue for parents everywhere, allowing your teen to drive can be the literal difference between life and death. This is due to the fact that, according to research conducted by the University of Minnesota, two of the most dangerous years of one’s life are often the ages of 16-17 and this is majorly due to driving. Amongst this demographic, death in a motor vehicle accident is more prevalent than suicide, cancer, as well as other types of major accidents. A fact most car accident attorneys know all too well, although both cars and roads have increased in terms of their level of safety in recent years, teen drivers have not. For instance, in 2013, nearly one million teen drivers were involved in nearly one million car accidents, according to information supplied by the AAA. This results in approximately 3,000 teen deaths annually, and according to the CDC, every day an average of six teens pass away from motor vehicle accidents. Moreover, many believe these numbers to be much higher than stated as many cases go unreported. Overall, the matter is succinctly summed up by Charlie Klauer, a research scientist at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. He asserts that one in four teens will be involved in a car crash within their first six months of driving.

The Quick Fix

In addition to taking the obvious steps of teaching your child driver’s safety, enrolling them in a driver’s education course, etc., are some of the best ways to prevent your teen from being involved in accidents is by disallowing passengers in the vehicle. On the one hand, an older, more experienced driver can provide some much-needed support to young drivers. Nevertheless, most teens will want to drive around with their equally inexperienced teen driver friends, which is a recipe for disaster. In fact, according to research expert Dr. Nichole Morris, adding a non-family member into the equation increases the likelihood of crashing by 44%. In addition to that, you could disallow phone use behind the wheel altogether (if you trust your teen enough to listen), or simply compromise that they must bring the phone up to the dashboard and keep it at eye level to check their phone as taking your eyes off of the road is one of the universal causes of auto accidents. Furthermore, as many car accident attorneys will advise you, upgrading to a newer, safer automobile is also a way to instantly boost your teen’s level of safety behind the wheel.

Car Accident Attorneys

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. No matter if your teen or another driver caused it, car accident attorneys can help make your time in court much easier to cope with. No matter how bad the damage, qualified car accident attorneys are your best bet to win a case or lessen your fiscal liability.