Lost Wage Reimbursement in Texas

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Will I be reimbursed for lost wages after a car accident in Texas?


If you have been injured in a car accident and are unable to work, you will want to know all about your lost wage reimbursement in Texas. There are several things that need to be looked at. Under Texas law, this is considered loss of earning capacity. What we need to look at is the amount of money you were earning before. We look at tax returns, W-2s, and any statements from your employer about the amount that you’ve earned.

For example, if a woman who was a stay-at-home mother is injured in a car wreck, can she recover lost wages? She was a stay-at-home mom only because she recently had a baby, but she was planning on going to work. Just because she wasn’t working at the time when the accident happened doesn’t mean she will not have a claim for future loss of earning capacity.

In this situation, we would look at prior tax returns, her previous job, and how much money she was making. All of this gets considered. An experienced lawyer can make sure that you gather all the evidence and documentation you need to support your claim for lost wages.

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