Injured in a Crane Accident

Injured in a Crane AccidentSome of the most devastating construction accidents that we see is when a worker is injured in a crane accident. According to a report from the Center for Construction Research and Training, during the time period of 1992 to 2006, there were 323 fatalities of construction workers due to crane accidents in the United States. In 2009 alone, there were 197 deaths. Crane accident statistics are getting worse, not better.

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Injured in a Crane Accident | Examples

The construction industry is one that is absolutely driven by deadlines. When projects fall behind, supervisors and workers begin to take risks they would not ordinarily take. Unfortunately, when these risks involve the use of cranes, the resulting crane accident can create more than a missed deadline. It can become fatal to workers and bystanders alike.

  • Electrocution caused by the crane coming into contact with overhead power lines
  • Crane collapse. This could be the result of an unstable or icy foundation the equipment was resting on or overloading.
  • Falling or swinging booms

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