How To Prevent Getting In A Car Accident?

How To Prevent Getting In A Car Accident?Car accidents are a known risk of driving on the open roads. While some car accidents might be unavoidable, there are some car accidents that could absolutely have been avoided. Because car accidents can cause heinous injuries even in small accidents, it is vital that everyone takes the time to place themselves in the safest position possible. This means taking advantage of safe driving tips to try and minimize the chances that an accident occurs. With this in mind, there are a few tips that everyone should remember when they operate a motor vehicle. Keep reading below to find out more!

1. Do Not Drink and Drive- Ever

While this might appear obvious, sometimes it is the most obvious tips that are overlooked. Nobody should ever drink and drive. This obviously refers to the law regarding drinking alcohol and operating a motor vehicle. The legal drinking age across the entire United States is 21. This means that the legal blood alcohol concentration limit for people under the age of 21 is 0.0 percent. The blood alcohol concentration limit for people aged 21 and up is 0.08 percent. If a law enforcement officer has reasonable suspicion to pull someone over, they will do so. If a field sobriety test returns a limit in excess of those above, the person is charged with drinking and driving.

In addition to the legal ramifications of this situation, nobody should ever drink and drive because it is unsafe. Alcohol impairs someone’s decision making, reflexes, and ability to respond to dangerous situations. Not only does this place the driver at risk but it also places other people in the car and other people on the road at risk. Alcohol has been implicated in countless accidents. Do not drink and drive.

2. Do Not Speed

Everyone has heard the saying that everyone speeds. This doesn’t make speeding acceptable. Speed limits are posted on the roads for a reason. The governing bodies are very intentional when they decide what speeds are acceptable for a certain road. While some people might try to stay within 10 MPH over the speed limit, this ultimately only cuts a few minutes off of a trip. This isn’t worth the risk of causing a serious accident. Do not speed. It isn’t worth the risk of causing serious injury or death.

3. Do Not Drive Distracted

While the progression of technology has benefited society in more ways than one, it has also made driving more dangerous. Smartphones, radios and even TVs in the car have made driving more dangerous. People simply cannot focus on multiple things at once. With people now texting and driving, people hands and eyes are often both off of the steering while simultaneously. In the few seconds it takes to send a text message, the car travels hundreds of yards. There is no way this can be safe. Work to reduce distracted driving.

4. Use the Seat Belt

Seat belt laws exist in this country for a reason. Seat belts help to hold the passenger in place in the event that the car comes to a sudden stop. The seat belt will prevent someone from flying forward at 60 MPH and slamming into the dashboard or the seat in front of them. Seat belts have prevented countless injuries and saved numerous lives. They will undoubtedly save more in the future.

5. Assume the Worst

The best way to stay safe on the roads is to assume that everyone else on the road has no idea what they’re doing. By assuming that other drivers are not going to be able to drive safely on the roads, people will stay prepared for the worst while driving. This keeps everyone prepared for adverse situations and allows them to react quickly to changing conditions on the road.

6. Avoid Fatigue

Many people have gotten tired on the roads. Sometimes it’s a long day at work and other times it’s simply due to highway hypnosis. Regardless of the reason, people should take steps to get off the roads when tired. Simply pull off and take a quick nap. The risk of having a car accident while tired is not worth getting to the destination a few minutes sooner. This will recharge the batteries and make driving safer.

Car accidents are as common on the roads as cars themselves. Anyone injured in a car accident should contact GOM Law for assistance with their medical bills. There may be legal avenues for compensation.

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