How To Prevent A Car and Tire Defect Accident By Ensuring That Tires Are Properly Installed

How To Prevent A Car and Tire Defect Accident By Ensuring That Tires Are Properly InstalledMost people who have owned a car understand that there are important parts of owning a car that will ensure both the safety of those inside of the car and the longevity of the car itself. One of the key parts of automobile upkeep is tires and, specifically, tire installation. It is important to make sure that the tires are rotated on time, typically with an oil change, and to make sure that the correct tires are purchased for the vehicle and for the driving situation. When tires aren’t installed properly, certain dangers can result in a tire defect accident and people can get hurt. What are some of the problems with tire installation that can lead to a car and tire defect accident?

The Importance of Regular Tire Rotation

While it can be a headache to schedule regular appointments to get tires rotated, this is a very important part of making sure that the car is still safe to drive. When tires are first purchased, they come with brand new treads. The treads are the part of the tire that have grooves. These grooves play numerous important roles, such as processing water and gripping the road. Over time, the treads get worn down unevenly, with certain tires getting worn down before others. It is vital that these are worn evenly to keep the car steady and aligned on the road. Rotation helps to measure the treads and ensure that the treads are being worn evenly.

Tire Accident: Lack of Treads can be Dangerous

If someone goes too long without rotating their tires, the treads may not wear evenly and certain tires can get worn down before others. If this happens, some of the tires may not have any treads at all and can lead to difficulties with processing water that is on the road. If the grooves cannot process the water, then the air in the tires will start to float on top of the water. Without the tires making contact with the water, the car floats on top of the water. This means that the car can get tossed any direction the water desires. This is called hydroplaning and can lead to a serious car accident, multiple injuries, and, possibly, fatalities. Tires must be rotated regularly to prevent hydroplaning on wet surfaces.

Improper Tires can Cause Auto Accidents

When someone is driving on the road, they need to think about the type of tires that are required for the surface that they are driving on. Some roads surfaces could require different tires than others. If someone takes their car on off-road terrain regularly, they need to make sure that they have tires that can withstand the type of rocks and mud that they could be driving along regularly. On the other hand, someone who lives up in the mountains or in cold-weather areas may need to invest in tires that can handle the snow. Regular tires may have trouble gripping the surface, leading to an increased chance of slipping and being involved in a serious car crash. Think about the type of tire and the surface.

Tire Installation is Important: Car Crashes can Result

In addition to the tire brand, people must also make sure that their tires are installed properly. People need to make sure that their tire is the right size for the car that they drive. Next, if the tire is not installed properly, tires could start to leak. This can cause people massive headaches as they continue to fill up their tire, wondering what happened to their tire. Improperly installed tires could explore, leading to a deadly car crash. Crashes and replacement vehicles or tires can be expensive. Therefore, everyone needs to ensure that their tire is installed properly; however, what happens if the tire has a defect in it?

Proper Manufacturing of Tires: Tire Defect Accidents Can Happen

While it is vital to make sure that the right tire is purchased, it is just as important to make sure that the tire is being manufactured in an appropriate manner. Sometimes, people may notice that their tire has a slow leak in it. This could be due to a problem with the way the tire is made and the way that it grips the wheel; however, what happens if there is a serious problem that causes a tire to explode? Most people have seen the remnants on the road of a tire that has exploded. This can lead to a deadly accident.

Exploding Tires Can Lead to a Deadly Car Crash

When someone is driving down the road, they expect their tires to do their job. They provide cushion and grip on the road that prevents people from losing control of their cars and colliding with objects or other vehicles on the road. When a tire explodes, the force of the explosion causes the car to suddenly jerk to one side. Furthermore, the loss of the tire causes the car to become unbalanced, making it hard to control. This can lead to a serious accident on the road and could result in major medical injuries that could require surgery or a hospitalization to correct. If the accident is particularly severe, it could result in one or more deaths.

What to Do if a Tire Explodes

If someone is driving down the road and feels a tire explode for any reason, the people should do their best to stop their car on the side of the road if at all possible. Then, contact 911 so that help will arrive on the scene. After this, it could be a good idea to speak with an experienced attorney. Car accidents attorneys at GOM Law located in McAllen, Texas, are always available to help those who are in need of legal advice in such cases. They can conduct a full investigation of the accident to figure out why it happened and what was wrong with the tire. Then, they can sit down with the family to discuss what options are available.


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