Forklift Accident Claim Value

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How much is my forklift accident claim worth?


You may be wondering how we determine the value of a forklift injury claim.

The first aspect of determining the value of a claim is examining the type of injury that occurred. This often involves many factors, and it’s not unusual for many of these factors to be unknowns at the very beginning. As a result, any value estimate at the start of a claim is just that — an estimate.

The value determination starts with looking at the injury and what occurred from there. Did they have surgery? If so, what was the cost of surgery?

Will there be the need for future surgeries? What about future impairment or disfigurement?

Will the person lose earning capacity? Will they be able to continue to do their job? Did they lose wages?

What was the conduct that resulted in the injury? Was it egregious?

Each of these factors are involved in determining the value of a claim. It’s an evolving process, with the picture becoming clearer as each informational “puzzle piece” clicks into place.

One of the great benefits of hiring an experienced forklift accident lawyer is knowing they will make sure every relevant factor will be incorporated into determining the value of your claim.

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