Dog Bite Case Timeline

Did you get bitten by a dog and have questions about the dog bite case timeline? Learn how long a case can take in this video.

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How long will my dog bite claim take?


You may be wondering how long it takes to resolve a dog bite injury claim.

The timeline of your dog bite claim will depend on a couple of things. One is the injuries you’ve sustained, as their severity will dictate how long it will take to heal. You will need to reach your maximum ability to recover (called maximum medical improvement) for damages to be assessed. Once you know your damages, a demand letter can be sent to the insurance company.

From this point onward your claim’s timeline will depend on how willing the insurance company is to offer a fair settlement for those damages.

If they refuse to settle, you’ll need to enter into litigation to collect compensation. When that happens, your timeline will shift to the availability of the courts, extending the length of time required to resolve your claim.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured from a dog bite and have questions about the dog bite case timeline?

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