Construction Accident Case Timeline

Did you get hurt while working and have questions about the construction accident case timeline? Learn how long a case can take in this video.

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How long will my construction accident claim take?


You may be wondering how long it’s going to take to resolve your construction accident injury claim.

Your claim’s timeframe will depend on what type of injury was incurred and how long it takes you to recover. We stay in contact with your medical team throughout the healing process to track your progress. As soon as we get word that you’ve reached maximum medical improvement, we attempt to resolve the claim by requesting compensation from the insurance company.

We attempt to achieve a fair settlement as soon as possible, but if the insurance company is not willing to resolve your claim with an adequate settlement, we must move forward with litigation.

Resolving a claim via settlement is always preferable to a trial when it comes to the amount of time that will be necessary for each.

If the insurance company is unwilling to offer a fair settlement, then we must go to trial on the date appointed by the courts. At that point, the timeline of the claim is really in the hands of the courts.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured on the job and have questions about the construction accident case timeline?

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