Common Mistakes After a Burn Injury

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What mistakes should I avoid after a burn injury?


The other day we had a client come in regarding their personal injury claim and asked us, “What are some common mistakes that people make after being involved in a fire incident?” Common Mistakes After a Burn Injury Some of the common mistakes that we typically see people make is that they don’t report the accident. Reporting to law enforcement is very important in order to have a record of what happened. It’s also important because law enforcement will typically preserve any evidence that’s found on the property, which can be beneficial in your case later.
Another mistake we typically see is that people don’t contact attorneys to seek legal advice, and they don’t contact attorneys who specialize in this type of incident. Also, when insurance companies get involved, they know the reputation of trial attorneys. Selecting a trial attorney is be very important. Insurance companies will come to the table with better offers and better deals for you, knowing the risks that trial could be in their near future.

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