Common Causes of Drowning Accidents

Common Causes of Drowning AccidentsIf your child or loved one has been seriously injured in a drowning incident, we would like to extend our deepest sympathies. This is an overwhelming and traumatic experience, and it is only right that you seek justice from the liable party. There are many common causes of drowning accidents, but all can be prevented with a responsible lifeguard on duty.

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Common Causes of Drowning Accidents | Examples

While drowning accidents can happen anywhere there is water, they most commonly occur in public pools. Reasons this might happen could be due to a wide variety of factors. This includes:

  • Lack of adequate training for lifeguards
  • Overcrowding the pool
  • Lack of or misplaces emergency equipment
  • Poor visibility in the water
  • Unsecure facility, allowing anyone to easily enter when unsupervised
  • Substandard safety procedures
  • Faulty equipment

If you believe any of these factors played a part in your child’s drowning, you need to contact us right away. Remember, we are here to help and advocate for you.

Common Causes of Drowning Accidents | Filing a Claim

There are various reasons why a drowning accident might take place. There could be negligence of a person or negligence of a facility involved. Lifeguards may not have the proper training or have been distracted, leading to someone nearly-drowning or indeed drowning. The facility could have something on the property that is fault that lead to the accident.

Again, there are many different factors that go into someone drowning in a body of water. It is not always a pool. It can be any body of water where there is swimming involved such as a beach or a lake. Determining the liable party is something your lawyer can help you with. If, for instance, a lifeguard blatantly misses someone drowning, they would be the negligent party. If there was something wrong with the structural integrity of a pool in a hotel, then the hotel would be liable for the injuries. The fine details can be discussed with your attorney so that you should who you should be pursuing a case against.

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