Challenger & Hellcats Are The Latest Dodge Recalls

Every day, it seems like a major company is issuing a product recall on a significant and popular item. Today, that company happens to be Dodge. The prolific auto manufacturer is known for producing some of the most popular vehicle models on the open market today, including the Challenger and the Charger. Unfortunately, this also means that countless people are impacted by the recall that the company recently issued. For those who have purchased a Challenger or a Hellcat (specifically, the 2017 model), the vehicle may need to be sent back to the factory for repairs. What’s led to the latest wave of Dodge recalls?


A Leak in the Oil Line Leads to Dodge Recalls

Most people who have owned a vehicle before understand that cars require routine maintenance to ensure that they remain at their peak level of efficiency. This means frequent tire rotations and oil changes as recommended by the manufacturer. Having clean oil is important for making sure that the engine functions properly and this oil is transported to the engine by an oil line. Unfortunately, it appears that the 2017 Challengers and Chargers could have a significant leak in their oil line, leading to Dodge recalls. This has prompted the company to issue a product recall until they can figure out why the oil line is leaking and how to fix it.


Prone to Fires

For those asking themselves why a leaking oil line is a big deal, this is because oil is flammable. If oil catches fire, it can be particularly hard to put out and, furthermore, if this happens inside of a vehicle, it could place the driver and passengers at a significant risk of serious injury and death. Unfortunately, an engine functions by combusting fuel and using the energy released to power the motor. If the oil lands on the engine inappropriately because it was leaking through the oil line, this could rapidly lead to a serious fire that could place those in the car at risk of death, causing the Dodge recalls.


A Joint in the Line

The oil line functions properly because of a solid connection between a rubber oil cooling hose and an aluminum tube. These parts help to make sure that the oil is in the proper condition as it is transported throughout the vehicle. There is a joint between the aluminum tube and the rubber cooling hose that keeps the line together. Some of the vehicles have a defect in this joint. If the joint comes loose, the oil could start leaking out of the line and place the integrity of the vehicle at risk. Consumers need to make sure that this part is repaired before driving their cars over the long-term.


What can go Wrong?

While the risk of fires have been explored already, there are also other significant risks that people need to be aware of. First, if the part comes off while the car is moving, the oil can spray on the windshield, making it almost impossible for someone to see clearly. The oil could also spit oil all over the engine, leading to a complete loss of lubrication on the engine. This will impact the efficiency and could also impact the longevity of the engine as well. Finally, this could also lead to the vehicle fires that were discussed previously. To avoid this, the cars have been the most recent Dodge recalls.


What Percentage of the Vehicles are Affected?

With the Dodge recalls of the 2017 Challenger and Charger Hellcats, there were over 1200 Hellcats already sold and in use. Dodge currently estimates that around 10 percent of the vehicles could be impacted by the defective part described above; however, it will take a full investigation to reveal the full scope of the defective part. The recall was originally submitted to the NHTSA on August 8th and it will take around six weeks for Dodge to update consumers on the scope of the issue. During this time, all consumers need to have their engine cooler lines replaced to ensure that they are safe for use in the future.


What Should Consumers Do?

Many people are wondering exactly what they should do when they hear that a product has been recalled. First, people should always heed the warning of the company that is issuing an auto part recall and stop using the product that has been recalled. Then, people should follow the instructions and take their product to wherever has been specified under the recall. This will allow the product to be properly repaired and replaced if necessary. Once this has been done, people can use the new product if the company says that the issue has been repaired. Do not continue using defective products because this could lead to serious injury or death, depending on the issue with the product.


What is Someone is Injured?

If someone has been injured using the defective product, then they should seek medical care so that their injuries can be handled by an experienced professional. This could require a trip to the clinical, hospital, or even an operating room depending on the scope of the injuries. As the recovery process starts, the medical bills could mount and insurance company may refuse to honor certain claims. In this situation, people should know that there are options available for assistance and nobody should have to deal with this alone.


Options are Available

Anyone who is facing an injury from a recalled product should understand that there are legal options out there for professional assistance. Do not let companies get away with injuring their consumers. Any person who has been harmed by a recalled product should reach out to auto reacall attorneys at GOM Law today, located in McAllen, TX. A representative is always standing by to provide assistance to those who need it. The landscape of a recalled product can be a challenging place for the average individual. That is why a friendly representative from GOM Law is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

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