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Bad Faith Insurance Litigation

Bad Faith Insurance Litigation

Bad faith insurance litigation is the layman’s term for a claim or lawsuit alleging an insurance company failed to treat a customer fairly and appropriately or failed to comply with Texas state law regarding how to handle a claim. Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Litigation There are a number of ways that an insurance company […]

What the Litigation Attorneys Want You to Know About the Recent Supreme Court Ruling on Contractor Fraud

When someone is wronged in a facility that receives federal funding, it’s not necessarily as straightforward an issue as people would like. Like may rules, the forces that govern company liability are left to a good deal of interpretation. The US Supreme Court recently appeared to place limits on bringing charges up against federal contractors […]

Monsanto Given Legal Shield in a Chemical Safety Bill

  The quest to create a healthy, sustainable food system was just dealt a serious blow. In 2015, the massive biotechnology company, Monsanto, received a major legal shield from the House of Representatives. With the addition of just one paragraph to a preexisting chemical safety bill, Monsanto has just been shielded from legal ramifications caused […]