Cadillac CTS Owners, Are You Aware Of GM’s Latest Auto Part Recalls?

Cadillac is a brand known for its superior quality. Unfortunately, even luxury cars are not entirely immune to auto recalls. If you own a Cadillac CTS, be sure to read on to learn more about the latest auto part recalls on this vehicle from the manufacturer, General Motors.

Cadillac Recalls on the Cadillac CTS

In September, General Motors recalled 54,000 2014-2016 Cadillac CTS vehicles due to a problem with the heated seats in the vehicle. Auto part recalls concerning heated seats are quite rare, and typically these components do not present many issues – especially issues that are significant enough to warrant an auto recall.3

In the case of the Cadillac CTS, however, the heated seats in the vehicle and the issue that GM has found with them are a cause for concern. When the Cadillac CTS is started remotely, the heated seats can be activated as well. This in and of itself isn’t necessarily a problem, since this feature enables Cadillac CTS owners to begin warming up the seat of their vehicle in cold weather before they actually enter the vehicle. In fact, the ability to begin warming up or cooling down the vehicle ahead of time is one of the biggest benefits of a remote start feature.

Unfortunately, General Motors and the NHTSA have found that high electrical resistance within the heating pad of the Cadillac CTS’s heated seats can cause the pad to overheat and catch fire. So long as there is an occupant in the vehicle who is able to recognize that the seat is getting too hot and turn off the heated seat function, the risk of a fire is quite low. If, however, the heated seat is engaged without an occupant in the vehicle via the remote start feature, then the risk of the heating pad becoming too hot and catching on fire is considerable.

GM and the NHTSA first realized this issue with the Cadillac CTS after they investigated a 2015 Cadillac CTS that caught on fire after being started remotely in April of 2018. After the cause of the fire was determined, General Motors alerted dealers and issued an auto recall for the Cadillac CTS in September.

Right now, General Motors does not have a replacement part or a fix for the malfunctioning heating pad in the Cadillac CTS. Instead, the manufacturer has instructed dealers to simply disable the heating pads so that they will not come on automatically when the vehicle is started remotely. However, the heated seats in the Cadillac CTS can still be activated manually when an occupant is in the vehicle even after this solution is applied.

What to do if You own a Cadillac CTS

First of all, it’s important to keep in mind that the auto recall of the Cadillac CTS applies only to 2014-2016 models and also applies only to models that are equipped with heated seats. If you own a Cadillac CTS that fits this description, though, there are a few important steps that you will want to take.

Since General Motors is aware of the issue and is offering a solution to mitigate the risk of the Cadillac CTS catching fire, it’s important to take your vehicle into a dealer as soon as possible. Removing the ability for you to begin warming your seats via remote start may be an inconvenience, but it is certainly a worthwhile sacrifice to avoid having your vehicle catch fire.

In the meantime, try to avoid using the remote start feature on your Cadillac CTS if you are able to do so. You may also avoid starting your vehicle remotely altogether, until you are able to take it in and have the issue fixed. If you do intend to continue starting your vehicle remotely, you’ll want to keep it parked at a safe distance away from your home and/or flammable materials. Having your car catch on fire is bad enough, but having that fire spread to your home is considerably worse.

Injuries Involving the Cadillac CTS

Due to the nature of the issue with the Cadillac CTS, injuries arising from the issue will be rare. The vehicle is only prone to catching fire when it is started remotely and there is no occupant in the vehicle. With that said, though, there are scenarios that could lead to a person suffering injuries due to this issue.

Injuries may arise from attempting to put out a fire that has started in the vehicle. If the vehicle manages to catch your home on fire, this could also present a serious risk of injury or death. If the seat in the Cadillac CTS has overheated but not yet caught fire, there is the potential that a person could burn themselves quite badly by sitting down on the seat without realizing that it has overheated.

These scenarios, of course, present just a few of the possible ways that the issue with the heated seats in the Cadillac CTS could lead to serious injury. If you or someone you know have been injured due to the malfunctioning heated seats of the Cadillac CTS, we urge you to contact GOM Law today in order to learn more about your rights

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