Burn Injury Damages

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What compensation can be recovered for your burn injury damages?


If you have suffered serious burn injuries, under Texas law you are entitled to recover damages for the pain and suffering you have endured. You are also entitled to compensation for mental anguish.  If you are unable to work as a result of the injury, you’re entitled to lost earnings, along with any medical expenses that you have incurred. Burn injuries often result in disfigurement, of which you can also recover compensation for. All of these factors will be left up to the jury, but seeking the right lawyer who is experienced with these types of claims will help you maximize the value of your case.

Here are the mistakes you should avoid if you want to collect the burn injury damages compensation you are entitled to in the fullest:

The other day we had a client come in regarding their personal injury claim and asked us, “What are some common mistakes that people make after being involved in a fire incident?” Some of the common mistakes that we typically see people make is they don’t report the accident. Reporting to law enforcement is very important in order to have a record of what happened. It’s also important because law enforcement will typically preserve any evidence that’s found on the property, which can be beneficial in your case later.

Another mistake we typically see is that people don’t contact attorneys to seek legal advice, and they don’t contact attorneys who specialize in this type of incident. Also, when insurance companies get involved, they know the reputation of trial attorneys. Selecting a trial attorney is very important. Insurance companies will come to the table with better offers and better deals for you, knowing the risks that trial could be in their near future.

Lastly, a mistake that anyone who is in an accident should avoid making is giving the liable party’s insurance company a recorded statement. These insurance companies want to wipe their hands clean of responsibility of your claim any way that they can. They will try to get you to agree to a recorded statement. This is something you should never agree to give them because they are trained to interview you in a way that guides you to answer the questions to diminish your case. For example, they might begin this conversation by politely asking you how you are. Most people hear a question like this and assume that it’s a polite and innocuous way to greet you so they answer with, “I’m good. How are you?” You might not realize that they are going to use your words against you and say that when they checked on you, you were fine. They don’t care that you just wanted to be polite. They just want to get an answer from you that allows them to reduce your claim value.

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