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How much is my burn injury claim worth?


You may be wondering how you determine the value of a burn injury.

The value of a burn injury will be based on several factors. Like other types of claims, the nature of the injury will be addressed, regarding medical expenses now and in the future. Lost wages will be included. Impairment and disfigurement may lead to pain and suffering damages, as well as economic damages due to loss of the ability to earn an income.

Determination of burn injury damages may also involve a life care plan. This requires hiring someone with the expertise to determine the future cost of medical care the burn victim will require. This can amount to millions of dollars.

If a fire caused the death of the victim, the claim becomes one for wrongful death. Such a case involves survivorship action, as the loved ones of the decedent file for compensation. This again can amount to millions of dollars. In either case, burn claims are serious and usually involve extensive investigation, which takes time.

One of the biggest benefits to retaining an experienced burn injury lawyer is their ability to accurately determine the value of the claim. An attorney ensures that enough compensation is requested, by factoring in all the ways the accident has and will negatively impact the victim’s life.

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