Burn Injury Case Timeline

Did you get a severe burn in Texas and have questions about the burn injury case timeline? Learn how long a case can take in this video.

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How long will my burn injury claim take?


There are a few of elements involved in burn cases that influence its timeline. One is the accident investigation, which is often necessary to prove who is at-fault for the injuries.

Another factor in your claim timeline is the seriousness of your injuries, which will dictate the length of time recovery is likely to take. In the case of severe burn injuries, it’s likely a life care plan will need to be assessed by a trained professional. This estimation of future medical expenses is important in ensuring adequate compensation is requested, as the medical care of burn victims can amount to millions of dollars.

Once the person is considered to have reached maximum medical improvement and a life care plan has been determined, the timeline shifts to the insurance company. If they refuse to offer an acceptable settlement amount, litigation will be necessary to obtain fair compensation. Going this route puts the timeline of your claim at the mercy of the courts schedule.

When burn injuries cause the death of the victim, it’s important to find out about the wrongful death and survivorship claims that may be available to you.

Were you or a loved one seriously burned and have questions about the burn injury case timeline?

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