More Traffic, More Tragedy

Traveling through South Texas used to mean long drives down one or more of the lonely roads that criss-cross the region like State Hwy 83 and State Hwy 281. Motorists could often go for hours without seeing another vehicle. But over the past decade, urban development and the discovery of oil reserves in the Eagle […]

Lifted Truck Case Settles

A vehicle that’s been “lifted” can pose a special danger to the occupants of other cars on the road. A collision with one of these “monster truck” type vehicles can turn a minor collision into a serious and devastating one. Such was the case for our client, Desiree Mendoza. Desiree was driving her 1999 Ford […]

Construction Accident Lawsuit Focuses On Negligence

Bad accidents happen to good people every day. Sometimes these accidents are caused by other people’s recklessness, like driving while drunk. Or by greed, like when a company fails to install or maintain safety equipment, or encourage employees to shrug off safety rules to make a job go faster, and a worker gets hurt or […]