Bicycle Accident Claim Value

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How much is my bicycle accident claim worth?


You may be wondering how to determine the value of a bicycle accident injury claim.

In a bicycle accident injury claim, case value is determined by looking at the injury that’s been suffered. The cost of medical care is factored in, as well as whether medical care will be necessary in the future for the accident injuries.

The impact of the accident on the victim’s life is assessed. Do they have an impairment because of their injuries? Will they be dealing with a disability in the future? How will this injury affect the quality of the person’s life?

Income must be addressed, as well as an impact on a person’s earning capacity. Have wages been lost due to the injury, and will they be lost in the future because of impairment or disability?

In addition to these factors, it’s important to address whether the person has suffered disfigurement because of the accident.

One of the benefits of retaining an experienced bike accident lawyer is their skill in making sure every relevant factor is included when we request compensation for your damages.

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