After an Oilfield Accident

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What should I do after being injured in an oilfield accident?


I had an individual that came in the other day who was involved in a horrible oilfield accident. One of the questions he asked was what he should do. After an Oilfield Accident The first thing is to contact your employer to let them know that you had the injury. It’s also important to notify the person in charge of the job site that you were involved in this accident. If you do not report it, it’s as if the accident never happened.
Another important thing is that you seek immediate medical attention. You need to make sure that you go to a hospital so you can get properly treated. It’s also important to seek additional medical help by going to your private doctor, because the hospital typically is only going to look at life and death situations. They’re not going to examine your body completely to make sure that you are okay.

The last thing of importance is that you hire a lawyer who is experienced in oilfield accidents because they’re going to be aware of the regulations that are going to apply. If there’s any investigation that needs to be done, they can do the investigation before evidence starts to vanish. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

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